Reporting Diversity Workshops for Moroccan Academics Print

Date: 15-19 October 2009

Region/Country: Morocco

MDI is organising two 2-day Reporting Diversity Curricula Development workshops for journalism academics in Morocco, between 15-19 October 2009. The main aim of the workshops is to introduce the central concepts that underpin the practice of critical, inclusive, and responsible journalism. The workshops will focus on a range of issues whose professional coverage is essential to the empowerment of civil society, intercultural understanding/dialogue and the strengthening of democratic values. These issues include: Ethnicity, Religion, Gender/women's issues, Age, People with Disabilities, and Human/civil rights. The workshops are supported by the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office. Following the workshops, MDI will offer support to a minimum of five academics eager to develop and teach their own Reporting Diversity modules.  For more information please contact Ms Mona El Hamdani, at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it