Promoting a diverse, inclusive and accurate media

With offices in London, Brussels, Belgrade, Yerevan and Gloucester, the Media Diversity Institute (MDI) works internationally to promote accurate and nuanced reporting on issues of race, religion, ethnicity, class, disability, gender and sexual identity in media landscapes around the world.

While our work is grounded in the principles of freedom of expression and the values of diversity and inclusion, our day-to-day focus is on cultivating practical skills to combat negative stereotypes and disinformation, and to improve media and information literacy.

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PRIDE MONTH: Addressing media’s impact on LGBTQ+ rights

Pride Month is an opportunity for many to learn and educate themselves about the importance of LGBTQ+ human rights. Throughout June, supermarkets, advertisements and social media are filled with rainbows and discussions about the meaning of Pride.

MDI’s focus is on the role of the media role in shaping LGBTQ+ rights and representation around the world. Explore our insightful articles: