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Media4Diversity - Taking the Pulse of Diversity in the Media (EU Study on Media & Diversity)

Media4Diversity ImageKeywords: Studies, Diversity in general, Europe, EU, EFTA, English, French, German, print, visual, radio, broadcast, online, media, civil society organisations, NGOs, policy makers, government, recommendations.

The ‘Media4Diversity - Taking the Pulse of Diversity in the Media’ publication is the result of the EU Study on Media & Diversity project, that identified over 150 initiatives by, or about, the media that countered discrimination and promoted diversity, across Europe. between 2002-2008. From the 150, 30 selected examples have been included in the final publication together with analysis and recommendations for future action based on the research. The study was conducted by the Media Diversity Institute, Internews Europe and the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), and commissioned by the European Commission.

Media & Cultural Diversity in Europe & North America

Keywords: Studies, Western Europe, North America, France, UK, Germany, United States, Canada, best practises, media, cultural diversity, English.

Media and Cultural Diversity Book ImageHow successfully are the media responding to the challenges of cultural diversity in countries such as France, Britain, Germany, the United States and Canada, each of which is home to large immigrant populations? What are the innovative actions and best practices? What roles are played by public and private institutions and civil society at large?

This study presents a state‐of‐the‐art survey of what is known about the media and cultural diversity in key West European countries together with Canada and the US, and offers a forward‐looking view of the complex relationship between the media, public opinion and institutional actors during the past 20 years.