Past Projects

Media Diversity Institute works on projects that promote media and information literacy, better representation of minority groups in the media and combat disinformation around the world.

Youth in Western Balkan – a Virtual Postcard (Youth in WB)

Youth in Western Balkan – a Virtual Postcard (Youth in WB) project aims to increase the intercultural and media literacy competences of youth in North Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina by organising moderated virtual learning and discussion exchanges focused on debunking stereotypes and harmful narratives of others perpetuated by online media and social networks.   The project has set the following complementary specific objectives: to create opportunities for 1,600 young girls and boys from the Western Balkans to meet and...

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Muslim Women and Communities against Gender Islamophobia in Society

MAGIC (Muslim women and communities Against Gender Islamophobia in society) was a project devised to prevent gender Islamophobia in Spain and in Belgium, in particular in media outlets, and to draw lessons useful for other European countries. The project was implemented by a consortium led by the European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed) and formed by the Media Diversity Institute Global, the Collectif contre l’Islamophobie en Belgique and the Fundación Al Fanar para el Conocimiento Árabe. In the span of...

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Critical Exploration of Media Related Risks and Opportunities for Deliberative Communication: Development Scenarios of the European Media Landscape MEDIADELCOM has develop a diagnostic tool (multiple scenario building model) for policy makers, educators, media critical bodies and institutions, as well as for media experts and journalists, which is enabling the provision of holistic assessment of risks and opportunities concerning deliberative communication and consequently social cohesion in Europe. The tool enables drawing on multiple risks and opportunity scenarios of the European media...

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Get the Trolls Out! Phase IV

This 30-month project strives to encourage young people to combat discrimination and religious intolerance in Europe. This new phase builds on Get the Trolls Out!’s existing track record in monitoring online hate speech and using the findings to challenge the perpetrators or debunk inflammatory rhetoric. It delivers social media-based campaigns to promote key messaging and help build a healthier environment online.  Led by the Media Diversity Institute (MDI) and working with partners across Europe, Get The Trolls Out! counters anti-religious...

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