Current Projects

Media Diversity Institute is working on a number of projects that promote media and information literacy, better representation of minority groups in the media and combat disinformation around the world.


Engaging new generations on innovative, joint, and multidimensional actions addressing the Global Challenges The YOU(th) CARE project aims to empower and mobilize the next generation of Global Caretakers for a shared, sustainable Euro-Mediterranean future. Recognizing the resilience and innovative approaches demonstrated by youth, the project addresses the complexity of current global crises by integrating social, ecological, and democratic perspectives. The project's key objectives include reinforcing active citizenship and encouraging young people to participate in building a better society. The project...

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Get the Trolls Out! Phase V 

Get the Trolls Out! aims to combat discrimination and intolerance based on religious grounds in Europe with the creation of powerful counter-narratives against divisive forms of hate speech including antisemitism, anti-Muslim hate, and anti-Christian sentiment. This new phase of Get the Trolls Out! aims to build on the projects existing track record in monitoring online hate speech and using the findings to challenge the perpetrators or debunk inflammatory rhetoric. It delivers social media-based campaigns to promote key messaging and help...

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In an effort to respond to the marginalisation and silencing of migrant voices in the mainstream European media and information environment, Migrant Voices Matter in the European Media (MigraVoice) aims to bring migrant voices into the mainstream European media space. MigraVoice brings together 6 European organisations covering 7 languages in an aim to amplify the voices, perspectives, and insights of migrants in Europe within the European media information space by promoting their active participation in the production of reliable mainstream traditional and...

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The YoCoJoin Project

The YoCoJoin project aims to intensify efforts towards more inclusive and engaging journalism by introducing youth community reporters within local news media outlets. By doing so, this project hopes to boost both the supply of quality journalism and the demand for such services among younger generations ultimately creating a more economically sustainable business model for local news media outlets. Over the 24 months, the seven project partners - experienced local media organisations from The Netherlands, Malta, Serbia, Hungary, Ireland, Slovenia,...

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