Arab bloggers invited to discuss women’s issues

Dates: December 24 to 31, 2009

Region: Middle East and North Africa

Arab bloggers are invited to participate in a campaign that aims to urge the Arab blogging community to discuss women’s issues in society and culture. From December 24 to 31, 2009, Arab bloggers can express their opinions and observations relating to Arab women, openly and without restraint. According to the organizers, the campaign, called “Kolena Laila,” aspires to enrich the dialogue of Arab social life and its successes and failures.

Both women and men can contribute. Everyone has complete freedom to express their views in any of the presented means: Article, idea, photo, design, story or any other way. Interested participants have the choice to publish in their own blogs or on the campaign’s main blog. There is no restriction either on the subject, idea or the language used (though Arabic is the formal language of the campaign).

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