Awards to Recognise Diversity in Media

Published: 30 September

Region: Europe

EuropeanawardsThe work of European organisations and individuals who are dedicated to equality, diversity and inclusion has been recognised by the European Diversity Awards. They are independent awards that seek excellence in the areas of gender, disability, sexual orientation, age, race, culture and religion across Europe.

One of the categories of these prizes is the journalist of the year, which recognises the role of media in promoting diversity and inclusion. This year, the winner has been BBC School Report, an inclusive project which works with a wide range of schools from across the UK and with thousands of students of all social backgrounds, to help young people report on the stories which matter to them.

During the ceremony, Helen Shreeve, the Editor of School Report, said “this award is for the 33 000 students and over 2000 teachers who took part in BBC News School Report last year. They produced excellent journalism which truly reflected the diverse voices of young people across the UK.”

BBC School Report was nominated together with other media professionals such as Mary O’hara, a freelance journalist who has specialised in human rights, crime, health and social justice. She also conducted a research on press coverage of mental illness.

Tris Reid Smith, director of Gay Star News, was also among the media nominees for his dedication to fill the gap in the market for quality international LGBT journalism. He founded Gay Star News in 2011, a news site that brings the latest gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender, news, entertainment, information and lifestyle content.