British Minister Praises MDI Work in Morocco

Published: 16 September 2013

Country: Morocco

MP-moroccoUK Foreign Office Minister Alistair Burt has praised Media Diversity Institute’s work during a trip to Morocco. He showed special interest in the audio vignettes project that MDI did with its local partner Chada FM, compiling the voices of Moroccans all around the country and giving them opportunity to speak about their perception of the media.

During his visit, Burt met members of the Moroccan government and British Embassy’s partners represented in the civil society organisations and the media.

One of these partners is the Media Diversity Institute (MDI) that has been present in Morocco since 2009. MDI run several projects that aim to encourage greater social and cultural inclusion in Morocco through improving reporting on the country’s diversity.

“I am very pleased to have the opportunity to see some of the work that the UK has been doing through its UK -Arab Partnership project with different organisations delivering important things in terms of the development of civil society and participation in democracy”, said FCO Minister Burt.

During his meeting with civil society organisations, Burt highlighted the diversity of the projects and the positive role of the media.

“A number of the projects that I have been speaking to today, have as much resonance in the UK as they would do in Morocco….how to raise the awareness of the participation of young people, how to ensure there is less gender discrimination, how to improve the participation of those with disabilities, how to assist through journalism in the building blocks of an open, transparent society”, explained the FCO Minister.

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