Eight More Subtly Racist Things Than Rod Liddle’s Article In The Spectator That Have Happened This Week

According to Rod Liddle, advocating to keep entire religious groups from voting is “light hearted banter,” that should be taken with a grain of salt. If that is the case, here are a few more examples of ‘light hearted banter’.

Not to be outdone by the madness of modern politics, Rod Liddle has today swept in to pen one of the most obviously racist articles published by a mainstream publication in recent times.

In case you missed it, he suggested finding ways to forbid Muslims to vote in an effort to gain Conservative seats in the upcoming election:

The article caused immediate outcry across social media, with a variety of politicians and media outlets from across the political spectrum pointing out the glaring islamophobia in his piece:

In the face of such an outcry, Liddle responded in the most predictable Liddle way: excusing his racism as ‘satirical banter’.

If orchestrating an election so that an entire section of the population can’t vote is ‘charming satire’, here are nine other examples of charming satire that happened throughout the week which still managed to be more ‘subtly’ racist than the Spectator was today:

1. The British Tribe Next Door – A new series showing a British family go to live next door to a group of indigenous people in the Namibian desert.

Because we haven’t quite exocticised African tribal culture enough.

2. Liverpool Origi Banner – Liverpool condemn fans’ ‘highly offensive’ image of striker photoshopped with oversized genitalia.

Perhaps they believed that perpetuating stereotypes of black men could realistically be seen as a compliment?

3. Can I have a white doctor? – British Doctor explains how he was asked by a patient if she could change doctor due to the colour of his skin.

When your racism is more important to you than dedication, experience and knowledge handling your surgery.

4. Baby Blacked up as Rangers star Alfredo Morelos for Halloween

Because no Halloween costume is complete without a lil’ racism.

5. Former Front Nationale candidate attempts to burn down French Mosque

As a response to – seriously – muslims causing the Notre Dame fire.

6. Sydney woman ‘humiliated and outraged’ after being told to take hijab off at pub

The worst part was the bouncer saying it was for ID identification purposes…when the woman’s ID photo has her wearing the same hijab.

7. Douglas Murrary says hate crime is a ‘hoax’

Nothing quite says The Last Hurrah of Old, White Men, like denying the existence of hate crime because you suggest being mugged is the same as being denied work because you’re trans.

8. Anti-Semitic, neo-Nazi slogans have been written in chalk over IOWA state campus

Because it’s 2019 and this is still happening.

No racism is excusable. But for an article such as Liddle’s to make it through numerous editing stages and still reach publication – when at any point somebody could have suggested it was too obviously racist to publish, is indefensible, and has rightfully been condemned: