Free Online Course on Diversity Reporting in Central Asia

Deadline: Rolling

Region: Central Asia

KyrgyzstanRegistrations are now open for enrolling to Covering Diversity, a new online course on diversity reporting developed by the School of Peacemaking and Media Technology of Central Asia.

Journalists, media experts, educators and students can register for this course.

The course will teach how to cover ethnic, linguistic and cultural diversity, underlining the role of ethical journalism in avoiding misunderstanding and intolerance between communities, and how to reflect the opinions of the whole society, giving voice to those who are usually excluded from mainstream media. Participants will also be provided with the necessary knowledge of the Kyrgyzstan’s legal framework in terms of diversity and language rights.

Professional journalists will provide training in writing, editing, interviewing, and multimedia production.

Lectures, tests, and exercises will be in Kyrgyz and Russian.

The course is part of the bigger initiative Encouraging Diversity Through Media. Supported by the Soros Foundation-Kyrgyzstan’s Freedom of Information Program, the project aims at strengthening the role of the Kyrgyz media in inter-ethnic dialogue, improvement of access to information to different languages, and promoting tolerance.

For enrolling and for more information (in Russian), click here.