January 2023 Newsletter: Hate Doesn’t Always Sell!

Elon Musk became the first person in history to lose $182 billion since November 2021. Although this loss comes from his company Tesla, it accelerated when he bought Twitter and brought instability in the social media giant by reinstating banned accounts and banning journalists. However, hate doesn’t always sell.

We, at Media Diversity Institute, have been following the events that affect the media and diversity and we have identified four themes that will be at the forefront in 2023:

· The Russia/Ukraine war that is changing the way conflict is reported
· Women’s right in Iran and globally
· The rise and fall of far-right populism
· Race issues and identity politics

We will be looking at how the media globally handles these issues and what needs to be done for a more diverse and inclusive media environment.

Our News

Our Executive Director, Milica Pesic was interviewed by TRT World on Elon Musk’s $182 billion loss. You can view the full interview here.

The article “When we walk, I look at the sky”, by Dunja Karanović, published in “Liceulice” magazine in Serbia, won an award in the Print/Online Media category at the Ethical Media Reporting on Mental Health competition. Liceulice has been supported by RDN 2.0 and the winning article was part of the project’s Heroes of Change series. For more click here.

Get The Trolls Out! and the University of Westminster are hosting an art exhibition between 25 February and 2 March. You can book your ticket (for free) here.

Within Get The Trolls Out’s! community media production Nyima’s Bandaba produced an episode that focused on women’s resistance in Iran. You can watch it here.

MAGIC is organising two roundtables in Brussels and in Vervier on 23-24 January to raise awareness on gendered Islamophobia.

Get The Trolls Out Sri Lanka is organising a two day in person advocacy conference which will focus on freedom of expression, human rights, social media, and disinformation. During the conference the results of the social media monitoring done as part of our project will be presented.

Our MA at the University of Westminster

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Over a decade ago we developed an MA in Diversity and the Media with the University of Westminster in London. The course combines a portfolio of theory and practice-based modules aimed to develop your knowledge and critical understanding of the processes of managing and making sense of cultural diversity, key issues in intercultural communication and of various aspects of the sociology of news while giving you first-hand experience in the practice of inclusive journalism. Learn more!