MDI to create Macedonian Media and Information Literacy Coalition

Published: 4 April 2016

Country: Macedonia

Macedonia_SJPR_Media_LiteracyThe Media Diversity Institute (MDI) has joined the School of Journalism and Public Relations (SJPR), one of the most prominent higher education institutions in Macedonia, in their efforts to establish a coalition of media and civil society organisations. The Macedonian Media and Information Literacy Coalition (MAMIL) has a goal of promoting Media and Information Literacy (MIL) in Macedonia, in order to empower citizens to become active participants in the public sphere and a policy-making process, and reinforce the watchdog role of the media in Macedonia.

The specific objectives of the project “Media Literacy in the Age of News Overabundance: Macedonian Coalition of Media and Information Literacy” is to raise awareness about the importance of MIL as a prerequisite for participatory democracy and pluralism, create a coalition of media, CSOs, and citizens for promoting MIL, empower citizens and civil society with MIL skills and knowledge as a precondition for active citizenry and introduce public journalism by creating meaningful and diverse news content as imperative for achieving media pluralism, diversification of sources and human-oriented stories.

Macedonia_MDI_and_SJPR_signingMDI and SJPR have worked together since 1999 on numerous projects in Macedonia and in the region.

Within the new 36-months project, SJPR in partnership with Nova Makedonija daily will publish monthly high school newspaper Medium. The content will be produced by pupils in high schools, journalism school-clubs and SJPR’s students.

Other activities include organising the Media Literacy Camp for 30 students, trainings, workshops, roundtables and the conference to present results of the CSOs – media outlets partnership, as well as the conference to present findings of a research on MIL practices in Macedonia, particularly in secondary education.