Media Diversity Institute Editorial Guidelines for article contributors 

Writing for Media Diversity Institute  

  • Media Diversity Institute (MDI) works internationally to encourage accurate and nuanced reporting on diversity related issues in media landscapes around the world. These issues include but are not limited to: race, gender, sexuality, class, religion, ethnicity, age, and disability.  
  • We focus on cultivating practical skills to combat negative stereotypes and disinformation, improve media and information literacy, and influence the conversation on diversity and the media. Ethical journalism standards are our core values. 
  • MDI’s articles can be newsworthy and/or more analytical pieces based on the organisation’s interests.  
  • MDI’s main scope is to highlight issues that are underrepresented, keep up with the trends in the media and follow issues that have the potential to become main media trends in the future. 
  • The fee we offer for an article (800-1000 words) is £150.

Step by step  

Email pitch 

  1. Please send us a pitch per email (  including: 
  • Why is your article important right now? 
  • How does it relate to MDI’s work and values and what is your expertise or experience you bring to the topic? 
  • Is it telling us something new? 
  • Does your article speak to an international audience?  
  1. If we accept your pitch, you will be invited to submit your article.  MDI communications team’s decision to publish will be based on your final article and can take up to four opening days.  
  1. If your article is accepted, please also send us a picture of you in high definition and 2-3 lines describing your expertise or experience. 
  1. Please note that we receive many submissions. You will hear from us within a week, if we are interested in your story. If not, please be aware that we will not be publishing your story on that occasion. However, we would like to hear from you again, so please don’t hesitate to contact us at a later date.

Writing styleguide  

  • Articles should be written in English; between 800-1000 words. 
  • Your draft should be submitted in Microsoft Word compatible format. 
  • Please add examples and quotes to illustrate your topic. 
  • Explain acronyms and avoid jargon. 

We are looking forward to reading your article!