Inclusive Media, Cohesive Society

Inclusive Media, Cohesive Society (IMeCS) is a two-year project which aims to foster a media sector that contributes to a pluralistic, inclusive, and cohesive society in Lebanon. The lead partner on the project is the Samir Kassir Foundation, working together with Media Diversity Institute and the Thomson Reuters Foundation. 


  • To ensure that media platforms, including social media, provide a fair representation of all components of the Lebanese society
  • To equip marginalized groups and hate speech victims with the necessary tools to combat hate speech and empower them to express themselves freely

The project will monitor traditional and social media coverage of marginalized groups and use of hate speech, in addition to actively engaging with and lobbying social media platforms themselves. Furthermore, the project will set up financial support and professional capacity building for independent media outlets, produce a satirical web-series about prejudices and hate speech in the Lebanese society, and establish a wide network of volunteers to respond appropriately to hate speech on social media. It will also equip human rights and marginalized groups’ defenders with digital safety, and monitor retaliatory measures against vocal victims of hate campaigns while providing them with legal support.

Lead partner: Samir Kassir Foundation

Partners: Media Diversity Institute, Thomson Reuters Foundation

Region / Country: Middle East / Lebanon

Timeframe: 30/09/2020-30/04/2023