Macedonia: Reporting Diversity Network Foundation Project

This project is the introduction of a reporting diversity programme to Macedonia, plus the convening of a “Reporting Diversity Conference” held in London in November 1998 that led to the emergence of the Reporting Diversity Network that now forms the foundation of the Media Diversity Institute’s work. The objectives of this project are to produce a “Reporting Diversity Resource Manual” in Macedonian language and the production of a “Trainers Guide to Reporting Diversity”. The guide provided a valuable hands-on tool for organising reporting diversity workshops and seminars, and proved useful in schooling the media in how to cover inter-ethnic relations in more sensible and more professional way. Aside from the resource manual, it included the creation of a special reporting diversity supplement that focused on diversity-related issues, to be published simultaneously in Dnevnik, Denas Weekly, Fokus Weekly (in Macedonian language) and Fakti and Flaka (in Albanian language)

Region/country: Macedonia and the United Kingdom

Timeframe/dates: 1998

Funder: The Freedom Forum

Partners: Centre for Multicultural Understanding and Cooperation (Skopje)