Report: The Troubling Rise of Rebel Media

4 March 2019

Countries: Canada, Global

Screen_Shot_2019-03-04_at_1.38.37_PMA Canadian alt-right website platforming the likes of Tommy Robinson, Katie Hopkins and Lauren Southern has the potential to have global influence, according to a recent report from Faith Matters.

At first, Rebel Media focussed on pushing a right-wing ideology, using big, international names like Tommy Robinson and Katie Hopkins to advocate against political correctness and censorship, and post a “counter-jihad” stance, where the world was seen as “us vs them”—them being Muslims in Europe.In recent years, Rebel Media has capitalized on anxiety over mass migration, pushing the narrative that the liberal elite—and Justin Trudeau’s refugee-friendly policies—are encouraging immigration to the detriment of white people.

While there has been little global media coverage of the alt right outlet up until this point, VICE Canada has reported on numerous scandals—including but not limited to former contributor Faith Goldy being fired after appearing on an openly neo-Nazi podcast (this was even too much for Rebel Media) and various nefarious funding tactics.

However, despite this public condemnation, Rebel Media managed to not only rise from the ashes, but also to continue to accrue power and influence. Since these reports, Rebel Media’s YouTube subscriber base alone has grown by 75 percent.

What does it mean that an “alt right” website now has an online influence that parallels, and even rivals that of major news websites? In an age where alternative news sites give oxygen to extreme views, and the personalities that they platform have been proven to have the power to influence major global events such as the election of US President Donald Trump and Brexit, Faith Matters urges us to keep an eye on outlets like Rebel Media, and call them out for spreading dangerous propaganda.

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