Resources: Reporting on Migration

In honor of International Migrant Day, Media Diversity Institute has curated a list of both resources for investigative journalists covering the migration beat, and ethically cover migration. If you have any additional resources, please share them with us!

United States:

Migratory Notes (a newsletter run by Elizabeth Aguilera and Daniele Gerson two immigration reporters living in the United States) recently published a list of resources for investigating the US immigration system. It includes a database of immigration data sources, resources for investigating visa issues, and practical advice for journalists covering Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) activities in the United States.


For journalists covering migration across the Mediterranean Sea, Open Migration has several useful infographics made from UNHCR data. The International Organization for Migration has an open data project tracking migrant deaths. The Ethical Journalism Network has tips on how to combat compassion fatigue, and discuss migration on social media—a haven for right wing, anti-immigrant trolls. In the UK, immigration advocates started the Free Movement website as a means to spread accurate, legally-based information about changes to immigration law.


Give Me Your Tired is a weekly newsletter on (im)migration, in the US and around the world.

Migratory Notes is a similarly informed letter, complete with recommended reading and course work.