Explainable Artificial Intelligence

Explainable Artificial Intelligence is  a Collection of Critical Essays that looks at how AI-driven systems on social media platforms and public spaces impact our human rights, most notably right to freedom of expression and media freedom and transform our realities. Through the selection of essays and video interviews with a diverse group of specialists, we wanted to open the doors of academia, CSOs, media and art to share their knowledge with general audiences.

Our call for action is to prompt readers to learn more about AI, engage in advocacy and activism and use the latest interventions to trip up AI, all encapsulated in a repository of initiatives. In the future, we hope to showcase all the shades of intersectional harms and expand our work by using different artistic expressions.

From the website:

AI – stands for “Artificial Intelligence” – can be described through simple technological lens as:

– a line of code or

– an automated tool for recognition of patterns and correlations or

– a computational system that is simply solving a certain task.

AI is code, or like salt- when added to a product, it transforms the product. But AI isn’t magic, and can’t do much without being given a task, a purpose, or being placed in society and in products. AI can help software and products accomplish  different tasks, from scheduling a doctor’s appointment to recommending music on Spotify. AI is dependent on gallons of data, your data, my data, community data: date of birth, sexual and gender identity data, wedding pictures, political affiliation, identification number, health data, it does not matter → as long as there is a kind of data + human intention in building, designing and employing = AI will perform any task.

But we should question HOW we build and create equitable and responsible technology systems, with AI. Many of these tasks are extremely socially sensitive: court rulings, social sorting within the banking system, predictive policing, political micro-targeting, health diagnostics → AI is not a NEUTRAL agent. 

From the moment of creation to employment, the entire lifespan of AI makes decisions that have direct consequences on our lives → court decisions, police fines, credits and housing, voting system, who you date, and what you stand for → your rights and liberties.

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