Training on Reporting Social Diversity in Russia

Date: 5 – 6 March 2013

Region: Russia, Ufa city, the Republic of Bashkortostan

ufa workshopEncouraging journalists to see their societies the way they are (diverse, multicultural and pluralistic), rather than homogeneous, was one of the main aims of the workshop for journalists in Ufa city, capital of the Russian Republic of Bashkortostan.

The Executive Director of the Media Diversity Institute (MDI) Milica Pesic, and  Web news Journalist at The Norwegian Union of Journalists, Eva Stabell, were the trainers of the workshop called “Responsible Journalism: Setting the Standards for Reporting on Social Diversity”.

More than 30 journalists, mainly directors and editors in chief, from local agencies of the Russian republic participated in this 2-days workshop.

The purpose of the training was to help journalists to improve their professional skills through fair, well- researched and sympathetic coverage in order to represent better diversity in society.

The participants discussed ideas for the features that reflect diversity of life experience throughout the region. They also addressed core principles on ethical/responsible journalism, such as tolerance and anti-discrimination, impartiality and objectivity, codes of conduct, eliminating prejudice and xenophobia.

The local journalists and the Republic of Bashkortostan Union of Journalists found the training very informative and effective, and appreciated that the theory was closely connected with the practice.

The workshop was organised by the Russian Union of Journalists, The Norwegian Union of Journalists, and International Federation of Journalists.