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Black History Month: Is Blackfishing A Sinister, Millennial Form of Blackface?

As we celebrate Black History Month, it is important to investigate how the black fishing phenomenon is capitalising on black culture, while completely disregarding black history.


Blackout in Kashmir: How Competing Narratives Obscure Human Tragedy

In Kashmir, a media blackout has left the conflict vulnerable to manipulation by the press offices of the occupying forces. But Kashmiri voices are starting to get out--and tell the real human cost of the conflict.


MDI at UNESCO's #MILWeek2019

We were at UNESCO's #MILWeek2019 in Gotenberg, Sweden discussing disinformation and propaganda, as well as the ways that media and information literacy can assist human rights cases.


Missing the Story: How the Indonesian Media Covers the Student Protests

Last month, thousands of students across Indonesia took to the streets to demand the government to revoke a controversial anti-corruption law and postpone revisions of several proposed bills. But will the media say why they're protesting?


Journalism or Nationalism? In Some Cases, One Begets The Other

Terrorism and the media expert Jean-Paul Marthoz breaks down the debate over patriotism and public interest journalism, comparing war correspondents from days gone by to the present day.


Naga Munchetty is Back on Air But Questions About Diversity Still Remain

What is the point of having television talkshows shows, or newspaper op-eds if we can’t bring our experiences of the world to the debate? What is the point of the debate if the debate is made for one kind of person, and one kind of person only?


How Do You Draw the Lines of Cultural Appropriation When Everyone is A Little Bit Black

Being "mixed" in the UK is often described as one white parent, and one non white parent--what you can and can't do according to the unwritten rules of cultural appropriation is defined by this binary identity. But how does this work out in a place like Brazil, where almost everyone is many generations of mixed race?


Fake News, Cultural Appropriation, and Security: A New Year on the Media and Diversity MA Course

What is the best way to equip young journalists to cover the challenges of 2019? On our Media and Diversity MA Course, we have the answers.