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MDI Against Antisemitism

European Youth Stand Up against Antisemitism in the Media


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Fighting Discrimination in Russia through Tolerant and Inclusive Reporting

MDI in Russia - Stories from Four Regions


MA Diversity and the Media - Apply Now

A highly innovative course by MDI & the University of Westminster, UK.


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Paris Attacks: What the Media Could Have Done Differently

Reporting on the Paris attacks should have been different than the forms of journalism we saw in the coverage of the Iraq war, the Ukraine and the refugee crisis. Some editors and reporters could have avoided repeating a monolithic approach to the Muslim population, generalisations and spreading fear from the front pages.


Don’t Sensationalise Antisemitism – MDI Writes to the Evening Standard

The Evening Standard, free press newspaper distributed in the London area, in two occasions has been quick in labelling as antisemitic an act of vandalism that appears not to be such and has used inaccurate information about the vandalised statue. Read the MDI letter to the Evening Standard.


MDI at the World Journalism Educators Congress

The biggest world gathering of journalism educators will be held at the Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand on 14 – 16 July 2016. MDI is invited to run a syndicate on Inclusive Journalism at the Congress, while academics, researchers and educators are invited to submit paper abstracts by 1 December.


“Why Pinch if You Can Punch?” – Zunar Talks to MDI

"The power of cartoons first lies in the joke – and the laughter they provoke. Second in the immediacy of their visual impact – they’re quick to be registered in your mind. And, third, in the universality of the message – cartoons transcend race, age, and class," says Zunar, the most famous cartoonist in Malaysia who is possibly facing 43 years in prison, for MDI.


Moroccan Media and Civil Society Leaders on MDI

Moroccan leading media and civil society representatives visited Switzerland and talked to the representatives of the Swiss public radio and TV, private and regional media, Parliament, Institute for Federalism and leading journalism schools and universities. MDI, supported by SDC, organised an exchange of ideas and experience between its Moroccan partners and their Swiss hosts.


Gender Equality in the Media to be Discussed in Geneva

According to UNESCO, actress Geena Davis said that it will take another 70 years to achieve gender equality in the media. To promote women's representation in the media, UNESCO and GAMAG will host two events in Geneva on 7 - 10 December.


Nieman-Berkman Fellowship for Journalists Worldwide

Journalists working in all media in every country around the world can apply for Nieman-Berkman Fellowship in Journalism Innovation. Deadline is 1 December 2015 and 31 January 2016 for U.S journalists.


Arab Media Coverage of the Refugee Crisis

Stories and reports on refugee crisis have been dominating Arab newspapers, popular TV shows and social media platforms. Media coverage varied across outlets and great volume included condemnation of alleged Arab indifference, calls for internal reforms and criticism of the West.


The Photo that Spurred Media Activism

The majority of media codes of conducts recommend not using photos whose aim is to indulge into sensationalism and voyeurism. But most of the media around the world published the photo of Aylan Kurdi, a Syrian boy, whose tragic image changed the way media report on refugees and current crisis.


Media in Sri Lanka: from Division to Inclusion?

Ahead of 17 August Parliamentary elections, MDI team visited Sri Lanka where two different ethnic and religious narratives still exist and women are nowhere to be seen in the newsrooms. The island remains heavily divided and except from the English language media, no other newsrooms have Sinhalese and Tamil journalists working together.


Story of MDI in 8 Minute Film

Watch the video that pays tribute to MDI's work and its 15 years of promoting diversity in the media. The short film made by the independent film maker Rani Khanna, features MDI trainers, trainees, students and staff who contributed to the promotion of a more inclusive media with projects all around the globe.