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MDI Against Antisemitism

European Youth Stand Up against Antisemitism in the Media


MA Diversity and the Media - Apply Now

A highly innovative course by MDI & the University of Westminster, UK.


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Fighting Discrimination in Russia through Tolerant and Inclusive Reporting

MDI in Russia - Stories from Four Regions


Reporting Ethnicity & Religion Study


How to Report on People in Poverty

Although stories about poverty concern people who are potential audience, media organisations do not give enough attention to poverty and inequality, nor do they report sensitively about disadvantaged communities. Stereotypes, assumption and misinformation often dominate in articles on benefit frauds, or human-interest stories.


BBC Top Paid Stars: White and Male

When MDI met with the Head of BBC Diversity Department Tunde Ogungbesan earlier this year, we were informed about the plan to increase diversity. After revelations that men are paid, in some cases, 4 times more than their female colleagues, some believe the change leading to greater inclusion need to come soon.


Stop the Hate in Belgrade

One of the aims of the workshop Stop the Hate organised by the Media Diversity Institute Western Balkans (MDI) and the National Youth Council of Serbia in Belgrade was to deconstruct stereotypes held by the youth, but also to highlight importance of tackling hate speech and discriminatory language.


Reporting on Migration & Refugees Workshop for EU Journalists

The workshop organised as part of the Media Against Hate project by MDI and Google News Lab, aims to explore best practices on covering sensitive issues concerning migrants, refugees and other vulnerable groups, in the context of Brexit and the growth of xenophobic attitudes across Europe.


“Sunday Beauty Queen” Tells Filipino Workers' Stories

The film shows preparations of few Filipino workers for the beauty contest while revealing their struggle in everyday life. Most overseas Filipino workers provide domestic help for families in Hong Kong by working for 6 days and living with their employers 24 hours a day.


Can Video Change Prejudices about LGBT People in Singapore?

Ever since their first rally in 2009, the Pink Dot, a movement promoting LGBT rights in Singapore, has been using YouTube campaign videos as a way to promote their message. This time, their video features three LGBT Singaporeans meet and chat with their fellow citizens in order to break the prejudices and stereotypical views of the LGBT community.


Dr Puhalo for MDI: 'Salafis as Scapegoats in the Bosnian media'

After spending two months with members of the Salafi movement in Bosnia, Dr Puhalo published a detailed study “Salafis in Bosnia and Hercegovina” dedicating one part to the media portrayal of Salafis in Bosnia.


Dune Voices Success at the Migration Media Award Ceremony

Three Dune Voices journalists received the Migration Media Award. Bennour Hussein, Chahreddine Berriah and Rima Marrouch, were trained by MDI and worked for the Dune Voices website. They received the newly established Migration Media Award funded by EU for their articles published on Dune Voices, BBC Arabic and El Watan.


MDI at Facebook OCCI against Extremism Launch

MDI Executive Director Milica Pesic was amongst the representatives of British civil society, media and academia at the Facebook event, while Sheryl Sandberg, the chief operating officer of Facebook, revealed the details of the Online Civil Courage Initiative countering hate speech and extremism.


MDI in Perugia: China Between Traditional and Digital Media

MDI panel at the Journalism Festival in Perugia explored the impact of technology on Chinese media from the way effective political supervision – and censorship – works on social networks in the country, to the specific case of the state news agency Xinhua which highlights strong ideological continuities with the past.


Story of MDI in 8 Minute Film

Watch the video that pays tribute to MDI's work and its 15 years of promoting diversity in the media. The short film made by the independent film maker Rani Khanna, features MDI trainers, trainees, students and staff who contributed to the promotion of a more inclusive media with projects all around the globe.