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Dune Voices - Inclusive Voices for Conflict Prevention and Democracy Building in North Africa: Bringing the Voices of the Sahara into the Public Sphere PDF Print

Countries Covered: Algeria, Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, and Tunisia

Timeframe: 2014-2017

Funder: Arab Partnership Fund, UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Partners: Multiple

Sahara_Stories_V1Dune Voices is a multimedia platform set up by MDI to gather, train, and mentor local journalists committed to reporting on stories from the Saharan regions of Algeria, Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, and Tunisia.

Dune Voices specialises in providing reliable, in depth, well investigated stories covering topics such as: smuggling, border control/movement, trafficking and organised crime; refugees and population movements; human rights; isolation and marginalisation from decision-making; nomadic perspectives as contrasted to settled ones and ethnic tensions; conflict, armed groups and extremism; local grievances around issues of development; and culture and heritage. It aims at raising awareness of issues from the heart of the Sahara and giving a voice to marginalised groups and ordinary people inhabiting the region, and often forgotten by the mainstream media and their governments. The stories are regularly republished and rebroadcast by media outlets throughout the region, as well as by international outlets.


"My Vote Matters Too" PDF Print

Region/Country: Morocco and Mauritania

Timeframe/dates: 2015 – 2016

Funder: UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Partners: Association Epanouissement  Feminin (AEF) and ISIC Alumni (Institut Supérieur de l’Information et de la Communication) in Morocco, multiple partners in Mauritania

Morocco_WomenThe main objective of this project is to increase political participation and representation of women and other marginalised groups in the media, as well as to contribute to greater social cohesion by strengthening freedom of expression through the encouragement of greater inclusion and participation of marginalised groups such as different races, ethnic groups, women and youth in public life and the media.

This project will enable a debate on media and diversity among key stakeholders and influential decision-makers, cementing inclusive journalism in the media through training, commissioning stories and mentoring journalists through the production process, and though building civil society’s ability to carry out media advocacy campaigns.

Responsible and Free Reporting on Security Issues in Tunisia PDF Print

Photo_WebsiteCountry: Tunisia

Timeframe: April 2014 - March 2015

Funder: UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Partners: Multiple local partners

This project aims to identify and develop initiatives that will foster responsible and free reporting on security, conflict and extremism in Tunisia. An analysis of media practice in Tunisia on these issues will be used as a starting point for a series of discussions between media figures and those in the political, state and security sectors, as well as international and local experts, in order to build dialogue and trust between the different parties with a view to developing commitment to concrete actions by all actors that will balance the needs of freedom of expression, impartiality and sensitivity in reporting on security issues in the country.

Inclusive Media for an Inclusive Society: Building the presence of youth and marginalised voices in Algeria PDF Print

Algeria kidsRegion/country: Algeria

Timeframe/dates: 2013-2017

Funder: European Commission, UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Partners: Multiple

Working with media outlets and journalists, civil society organisations and journalism academics and students, this project will support youth and other marginalised groups in Algerian society to make their voices heard in the mainstream media.  Through capacity building, awareness-raising and commissioning of media products, the project will increase the diversity of stories, opinions and voices in the Algerian media, contributing to a more open, inclusive and accountable society.

Promoting Freedom of Expression, Diversity and Inclusion in Morocco PDF Print

morocco project signing

Region/country: Morocco

Timeframe/dates: 2013-2016

Funder: Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation

This project will run for three years, during which time MDI and our local partners will cement the practices of inclusion and of reflecting diversity within the media in Morocco.

Through this programme we will enable debate among key stakeholders and influential decision-makers on media and diversity, cement inclusive journalism in the media sector through training, policy work and commissioning, and build civil society organisations’ ability to carry out media advocacy campaigns.

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