Euro-Mediterranean societies still facing a clash of ignorance in perceptions of each other PDF Print

Posted: 30 September 2010mediterran2

Region: Mediterranean

A new survey on intercultural trends published in the Anna Lindh Report 2010 indicates that despite increased interaction and identifiable shared values, Euro-Mediterranean societies are still facing a clash of ignorance when it comes to perceptions of each other.

The Report, based on the very first Gallup Opinion Poll on intercultural values and trends of 13.000 people between Europe and the southern and eastern Mediterranean countries, is the result of two years of work with the involvement of experts and networks from over 20 countries.  

Are our differences and different perspectives too wide to bridge? How can we combat stereotypes and misperceptions? – These are just few from vast array of questions tackled in the Anne Lindh report for the year 2010.

“Even if ...common values are likely to be shared, the discernment of our concept of the 'Others' and the values attributed to them are misleading and are at the root of many difficulties encountered by any dialogue strategy” – commented authors of the report.

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