UJOSS Secretary General comments on project

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Street children cry out for help

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The 12 April 2011 was the international day of the street child but, in much of South Sudan, soon to be the world’s newest state, it has passed without notice or acknowledgement, save for a local charity in Yei which organized an event to highlight the social and economic magnitude of the problem.

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Another perspective

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A granny's view on the new State of South Sudan

"We have known nothing but injustice since we were born"

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granny photoRebecca Kadi, a 115-year-old grandmother is a legend in her community. A Fajulu by tribe, she was born in Lainya in 1896. Kadi spent her childhood in Lainya and got married when she was 20 years old. She was blessed with several children and grand children. During the South Sudan referendum in January 2011, Lily Nelson Michael of The People’s Voice caught up with her and asked her a few questions.


Lily: What is the secret behind your longer life?

Rebecca: First of all, the Holy Book says, if you respect your father and mother, God will make you live longer on earth. In addition, I used to assist aged people when I was young and I served them with all my faith. What they gave me in return was always abundance of blessings. They prayed for me and asked God to prolong my life to enable me see my grand, grand children.  I thank God for his abundant grace to me. Secondly, the type of food we used to eat in our times is different from today’s foods. We used to rely on traditional vegetables and fresh lean meat. These helped to build our bodies.

Lily: What made you register and vote in the current referendum?

Rebecca: The oppression of Northerners on Southerners made me register and vote. I had been praying to God to prolong my life so that I could live to see 9 January 2011 and cast my vote for Southern Sudan’s independence. We have known nothing but injustice since we were born. We cannot let the same injustice be handed over to our children and grand children. The outcome of the referendum will bring freedom and dignity to my young grand children in their own country. The government in the North has done little to improve the lives of the Southerners. It is only the British who did something that has changed the lives of people of South Sudan through improvement of infrastructure in the capital Juba. I can therefore say, like Prophet Simon, now you can take me, Lord, for I have seen independence of South Sudan.

Lily: Do you think the separation will lead to wars and tribal differences in South Sudan?

Rebecca: There is no ruler on earth governing a people with his/her own power. Rulers are mandated by God to govern the people and territories. President Salva Kiir for example has been chosen by God to lead the people of South Sudan to independence. One thing I would like to tell the people of South Sudan is that they always have to be patient, tolerant and united if they are going to achieve lasting peace and prosperity in the South. Leaders need to govern and control all the resources, which God has given the nation without being greedy, jealous and tribal.