The Global Forum for Media Development PDF Print

Keywords: International, english,Media diversity, journalism, good practices, information, tools, education, policy.

“Bringing coherence, community and advocacy to the worldwide movement of media assistance providers, independent radio and television broadcasters, print media journalists, media activists, media law advocates, and  government and private donors supporting independent, local media and professional journalism.

The Global Forum for Media Development whishes to attract the broad but disparate community of media assistance organizations and share experiences and information across the media aid sector; Improve the quality of technical assistance of the sector and develop common monitoring and evaluation methodologies; Offer an extensive web-based platform of resources for media professionals; Disseminate research on the role of the media in economic growth democratization and institutional reform process; Establish an ongoing donor-implementer dialogue that would enable media assistance organizations to contribute to the formulation of media development policies that enhance the impact of the media assistance sector and the long-term sustainability of independent media; and, Advocate for the higher-level, strategic policy linkages between media support and existing human and economic development instruments and frameworks.”