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The ‘Trainers’ section contains a list of trainers who have asked for their details to be publicised on the MDI website, and is meant to serve as a resource for those looking for trainers.

It is divided into trainers recommended by MDI and those with whom MDI has not yet worked and therefore cannot recommend (Other Trainers).

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Keywords: Conflict, ethnic, race, religion, peace journalism, human rights, Africa, South East Europe, Print, broadcast, All organizations, English, French, German, Hindi, Telugu, Social Diversity model

Journalist and trainer specializing in post conflict media and peace journalism. Focuses on trust-building and reconciliation processes.

Worked as the chief of radio ONUCI FM, the radio of the UN mission in Cote d Ivoire.  He was also engaged as a Radio Producer/Editor, UNMIK Radio, a key component of the UN’s department of public information in Kosovo, responsible for developing and supervising production of daily feature programmes in four languages Albanian, Serbian, Turkish and English on developments in Kosovo and the region with special emphasis on reconciliation and conflict resolution for distribution on local radio stations. Also cooperated with UNESCO.

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