Gender in Media Training: A Southern African Tool Kit (15 Files) PDF Print

Keywords: Sub-Saharan Africa, English, guidebook, gender, journalism, media diversity.

Gender Links, in partnership with the Institute for the Advancement of Journalism, has released a new tool kit for Southern African media trainers on mainstreaming gender in the media. (Gender Links)

alt SADCGMT PT1 Contents Overview.pdf

alt SADCGMT PT1 chap1.pdf alt SADCGMT PT1 chap2.pdf alt SADCGMT PT1 chap3.pdf alt SADCGMT PT1 chap4.pdf alt SADCGMT PT1 chap5.pdf alt SADCGMT PT2 chap6.pdf alt SADCGMT PT2 chap7.pdf alt SADCGMT PT2 chap8.pdf alt SADCGMT PT2 chap9.pdf alt SADCGMT PT2 chap10.pdf alt SADCGMT PT2 chap11.pdf alt SADCGMT PT2 chap12.pdf alt SADCGMT PT3.pdf alt SADCGMT PT4 Glossary.pdf


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