UJOSS Secretary General comments on project

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Street children cry out for help

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The 12 April 2011 was the international day of the street child but, in much of South Sudan, soon to be the world’s newest state, it has passed without notice or acknowledgement, save for a local charity in Yei which organized an event to highlight the social and economic magnitude of the problem.

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Another perspective

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A granny's view on the new State of South Sudan

"We have known nothing but injustice since we were born"

People's Voice January articles
Women ask media to give them a voice PDF Print

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womenaskmediapicBy Poni Jeremiah

A group of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable people in South Sudan, among them widows, orphans, and other women and children, have voiced out that they should be given a say by the media on issues that touch their lives. Severely vulnerable and disadvantaged groups appear to be hoping against hope since the end of the devastating two decade war on 9th January 2005 because they are still suffering and facing discrimination and marginalization in South Sudan.

Water Scarcity hits residents of Juba Town PDF Print

By Poverty Alfred Taban

Water TanksAcute water shortage within Juba town has left residents wondering where they can get clean water, despite the general impression given by the urban water corporation that there is a plentiful supply. But the reality is that many residents of Juba are trying to cope with a poor water supply, coupled with frequent delays, sometimes four days in a week. Some residents say that they continue having to pay as much as the 1000 Sudanese pounds a month despite the supply problems.

Streets in Yei River County to get native names PDF Print

By Agele Benson Amos

Yei River County elders have decided to rename streets and local administrative units to conserve community cultural and traditional values. The decision to rename the streets and at least one payam came as a result of elders deciding to do away with what has been referred to as “colonial” names.

South Sudanese poised to vote for independence PDF Print

sudanmapminiNearly all observers are apparently unanimous in their predictions that the majority of South Sudanese are poised to vote for independence on 9th January 2011. A total of 3.3 million people, representing 96% of eligible voters have registered in Southern Sudan ahead of the region’s independence referendum on 9th January, according to officials from the Southern Sudan Referendum Bureau (SSRB). 

Returnees make it back home amidst fear and despair PDF Print

By Staff Writer

SSudaneaseRAbout 63 Internally Displaced People (IDPs) have made up their mind to put up and live at the poor sanitary conditions along the smelly shores of River Nile as home. They have endured the blistering sunshine and cold nights trying to come to terms with realities of being a displaced person in your own country.Their horrible experiences on River Nile is labelled with scaring tales that are evidently narrated with untold grieve, fear and despair on their faces as a result of their return from Northern Sudan.

Focus on local culture, media urged PDF Print

By Santino Manut and Sergios Pons 

Southern Sudanese, like any other traditional and conservative African society, remain closely attached to their long held and cherished ways of life. Today, the people of Southern Sudan stand out amongst Africa’s most prominent groups as a people easily identified by their traditional cultural practices.

Downsizing progresses, problems increase PDF Print

RegionsSSBy Diana Dejooza

The Government of Central Equatoria State (CES) has managed to reduce its work force from over 20,000 to 12,000 employees, the Director General of Finance and Economic Development, Mr John Ljino Loku has said. He reiterated that the downsizing will continue until it reaches the target number of 9,000 employees. This will give room for 1000 graduates that are seeking employment according to him.

Allocate plots to citizens to avoid conflict PDF Print

By Friday Gift

alocatepicOver the past few months, controversy surrounding the delay in demarcation and allotment of residential plots has led to a rise in tensions between residents and local authorities in Yambio County. Several past efforts by the authorities to demarcate plots in the County have been largely unsuccessful with only a few residential areas securing demarcation. The delay in plot demarcation coupled with fear amongst residents has been blamed for the confusion surrounding the plans to undertake the exercise.