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Moroccan journalists explore Inclusive Journalism PDF Print

‘Before you write about me, walk a mile in my shoes…’

XavierIt’s not every day that mosquitoes, camels and cats get together to talk about that day’s news headlines – but that’s what happened in February 2010 at a training course for Moroccan journalists in Tangier, run by the Media Diversity Institute.

The 21-strong group had been divided into teams, assigned an animal and asked to create the front page of a newspaper reporting the news that a powerful developer was about to start work building a luxury holiday complex in an environmentally sensitive area. The developer announced that he was going to use pesticide to kill all of the mosquitoes and offer his guests camel rides – so each animal group had a unique take on the news.

The aim was to encourage the journalists to discuss how they could report this news fairly and accurately, while also expressing their own view of the proposals and reflecting others’ perspectives – a challenging task. Taking the discussion out of the human world and into an imaginary one helps the participants think more objectively and creatively about some of the cornerstones of journalism, such as the relationship between different opinions and ‘truth’, how conflicting viewpoints can be fairly reported, the importance of multiple sources, and the distinction between news and opinion.

Young Moroccan Radio Journalists produce stories on diversity PDF Print

Posted on: 5 February 2010

Country: Morocco

yan2 copyA drug addict musician, an AIDS patient, a single pregnant woman, a member of an extremist Islamic movement, a Berber magician, a Moroccan Jew who emigrated to Israel, an atheist, a millionaire from the city of Fes, an American gay doctor, his partner, a Sub-Saharan immigrant and a prostitute are all drifting at sea in a lifeboat. There is not enough food & water for all of them. They have to decide who will be thrown into the shark infested waters.

That was one of the role play sessions in a 10 day production oriented training course for young Moroccan radio journalists, run by former BBC journalists Jean-Michel Duffrene and Arjum Wajid, and Editor in Chief at Moroccan SNRT National Radio, Safi Naciri. The course was held in Casablanca from 23 January to 1 February 2010, and organized by the London-based Media Diversity Institute.

The outcome of the lifeboat role play session will not be revealed but, the participants were utterly shocked when they realized that a game can be so revealing and were even worried that the experience proved that their prejudices were stronger than their survival instincts.

The objective of the training programme was to encourage radio reporters to look at and reflect their society as it actually is: diverse, multi-cultural, pluralistic, multi-ethnic, and multi-religious rather than homogeneous and monolithic. The aim was to help journalists develop their professional skills to better represent this diversity in society through fair, balanced, well-researched, properly sourced, and prejudice-free coverage. They were asked to develop new ideas and innovative editorial approaches for features, packages, debates, and reports that truly reflect the diversity of life in Moroccan society today.

Inclusive Journalism course for Moroccan journalists PDF Print

Date: 18-20 February 2010

Location: Tangier, Morocco

Young journalists in Morocco will be trained in inclusive journalism, by Richard Cookson, a journalist working for UK TV Channel 4, and Dr Abdelauahab Errami, a Moroccan journalism expert and professor at ISIC.

Topics to be discussed include: the importance of giving voices to all segments of society, not only the mainstream; the importance of alternative sources (not only official ones); basic principles of reporting diversity; managing prejudice, avoiding stereotypes and the use of language; and the importance of building bridges with civil society.

The workshop forms part of the Young Reporters’ Diversity Network segment of the Media Diversity Institute’s two year training programme, designed to promote inclusive journalism in Morocco. The workshop is supported by the UK Embassy in Rabat.

For more information and to apply for the course contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

"Do the media help fight Radicalism?” - Cairo roundtable PDF Print

Date: 1 February 2010

Location: Cairo, Egypt

As a response to a recent religious incident in Cairo, the Media Diversity Institute (MDI) is organising a roundtable to offer the media and freedom of religion thinkers, international and local, a possibility for dialogue on the role of the media in fighting religious radicalism. Two leading British experts will share their thoughts on extremism versus pluralism and journalists’ do's and don’ts:  Ghaffar Hussain of the Quilliam Foundation and Paresh Solanki – the Council of Europe’s media expert and MDI Trustee. Egyptian speakers to be confirmed.

The roundtable is part of a broader International Religious Freedom programme, run by a consortium made up of Freedom House, MDI and The Becket Fund

For an overview of the facts of the shooting in Nag Hammadi which happened during the Coptic Christmas celebrations, please check the following report published on the Arab West Report:

For more information on the round table, please contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Egyptian journalists give voice to the voiceless PDF Print

Posted: 4 January 2010

Egypt TRP disability picCountry: Egypt

With the help of the Media Diversity Institute, young Egyptian journalists are making a mark in the country’s over-crowded media market by producing stories usually ignored by more well established reporters.  They look for marginalized individuals and communities believing ‘every person has a story to tell’, and are also convinced that every voice matters.

Over the last two months, 10 young reporters from different newspapers - including Al-Ahram daily and weekly, Watani, El-Dostor, El-Wafd, El-Massry El-Youm, El-Youm El-Sabei, and El-Osbou - took part in a training course organised by the Media Diversity Institute. During the course, they debated the reasons for inclusive reporting, the ethical issues around diversity coverage and produced the stories covering issues such as disability, women’s rights and refugees (the articles can be downloaded below).  The majority of the articles have already been published in the participating newspapers. More than 150 reporters applied to take part.  This is the second such training course provided by MDI in Egypt, supported by the UK Embassy in Cairo. For further information contact Email With Border v1.6

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