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October-November 2011 Articles
Civilians Continue to Suffer at Hands of Rebels in Jonglei PDF Print

CivilianscontinueBy John Actually

Today you see them, tomorrow they are gone. They are ruthless and no one knows why they are fighting. These are the rebel fighters of South Sudan’s Jonglei State whose activities have contributed to serious insecurity among villagers.

It all started in 2010 after some former Sudanese People’s Liberation Army (SPLA/M) generals failed to win posts during South Sudan’s hotly contested general elections. They instead rebelled against the government by taking up arms and heading for the bush. Those who rebelled against the government included General George Athor Deng and David Yau Yau of Pigi and Pibor Counties respectively.

Mixed Reactions Over Proposal To Move Capital From Juba PDF Print

By Agele Benson Amos

Should the government relocate the South Sudan capital city from Juba to Ramciel? This is the biggest debate doing the rounds in South Sudan as citizens of Africa’s youngest nation look to the future.

Mugwo Community Feels Neglected By Government PDF Print

MugwoBy Alfred Taban

Residents of Mugwo Payam in Southern Sudan’s Yei River County are a disgruntled lot. They feel neglected by the government following deteriorating standards of living occasioned by poor provision of social services.

The villagers, most of whom are victims of Sudan’s prolonged civil war said they lack good roads, health facilities, provision of clean water and schools. They are now crying out to the government to come to their rescue.

Child Labour Menace in Western Equatoria State PDF Print

directorforchildBy Gift Friday

Like most African Countries, South Sudan has its share of problems afflicting children. Child labour is rampart in the country’s Western Equatoria state following the displacement of thousands of people from their home villages due to the activities of the Ugandan rebels, the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA).

In Western Equatoria State there are hundreds of street children engaged in all kinds of child labour to earn a living. In Yambio town, the state capital, these street children are engaged in car washing, hawking, and restaurant attendance or washing plates, among other jobs. The People’s Voice caught up with some of these street urchins to hear their stories.

Road Accidents in South Sudan: Who is to Blame? PDF Print

By Yuggu Charles

Over the past few years, there has been a marked increase in the number of road accidents in South Sudan with many people losing their lives and others suffering terrible injuries.

Muslim Community Calls for Religious Tolerance PDF Print

chairmanmBy Agele Benson Amos

The Muslim community in Yei River County has called for religious harmony and tolerance amongst various religious groups in the young nation of South Sudan in order to ensure a peaceful and prosperous future for all.

The chairman of Muslims in the County, Kasim Yusuf, said it was only by respecting other religions that peace could prevail in the new nation which has just emerged from a prolonged civil war. He said disrespect of other religions has in the past led to unrest between Christians and Muslims living in South Sudan. Yusuf claims that religious tensions in the country had been brought about by discrimination against certain religions and advises that this should come to an end.

New Government Development Plan gives Hope to Citizens PDF Print

By Abraham Machuor Lum

The Government of South Sudan has unveiled an ambitious three-year development strategy to help bring about the improvements to infrastructure, education, health and other sectors promised during the Independence Day celebration last July.