Romani eJournal: A Resource for Combating Romaphobia PDF Print

romaniflagPublished: 22 November

Region: Worldwide

Romani eJournal is aimed at making knowledge on Romani society available to everyone, and seeks to combat Romaphobia by publishing  articles that are carefully scrutinized by our review boards.

Demos: The New Face of Digital Populism PDF Print

demossmalllogoPublished: 8 November

Region: EU

The think-thank Demos has published a study on how populist parties and movements in Europe are using online and social media to involve young people. The study reveals how media-savvy political groups of the right can push an agenda of xenophobia and extremism. In current economic conditions this could be catastrophic for democracy and social cohesion across Europe.

Report on Attack on Egyptian Christians Launched PDF Print

MasperoincidentPublished: 4 November 2011

Country: Egypt

The Center for Intercultural Dialogue and Translations launched a report analysing video evidence from Maspero incident in Egypt. People expect that after the Egyptian revolution in January 2011, the way Egyptian national TV presents the news will change. Unfortunately, the reports of Egyptian national TV on Maspero incidents in October 2011 show that the coverage was still characterised by confusion and mixing up news.

Women in the UK Radio Industry are Under Represented PDF Print

soundskill2Published: 1 November 2011

Country: UK

Women in the UK radio industry are significantly under-represented at senior levels, according to a new report produced by Skillset for Sound Women, a new organisation dedicated to highlighting the issues faced by women in the radio industry.

Belgian Survey of Diversity and Equality in the Francophone Press PDF Print

diversitereportPublished: 12 October 2011

Country: Belgium

The Association of Professional Journalists (AJP) has published the first study that examines the diversity and equality in the French-speaking press in Belgium. The study examined 2225 articles of six newspapers over a period of 3 days.

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