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The Photo that Spurred Media Activism PDF Print

Published: 9 September 2015

Region: Worldwide

Aylan_Kurdi_PhotoDespite not being the first of this kind, the photo of lifeless washed up body of Aylan Kurdi, a Syrian boy in a Turkish beach, with his face down and his sneakers still on, got the world’s attention.

It caused even more talk and discussions about current refugees’ crisis, but also about the human catastrophe unfolding in the Mediterranean for years. The publication of this photo posed also one of the most difficult ethical dilemmas for editors around the world – whether to publish distressing images of children, or not.

Operation Storm: Some Media Still in the 90's PDF Print

Published: 28 August 2015

Country: Serbia

Media_Coverage_of_Operation_StormTwenty years after the war in former Yugoslavia, officials and media in Croatia and Serbia had marked the anniversary of Operation Storm in a very different way.  Some in Croatia were celebrating the Victory Day on the 5th of August. On the other side, some media and officials in Serbia were remembering victims and almost 200,000 Serbs who fled Croatia. Covering the Anniversary of Operation Storm, many media outlets resembled what they were back in 90’s when they were fostering hatred, spreading propaganda and inflaming conflict in Yugoslavia.

Media coverage in Serbia was thoroughly analysed by Tamara Skrozza, a prominent journalist and media ethics expert. In her report for Cenzolovka website, Skrozza noted that most of the content she analysed was biased. Also, none of the Serbian media who were analysed did not raise a question of responsibility that some of the leading political figures in Serbia today might have had during the events in August 20 years ago.

Egypt Homosexuality Debate: Luxury or Breaking a Taboo? PDF Print

Published: 10 August 2015

Country: Egypt

By Heba Katoon

Egyptian_Actor_FacebookFacebook turned into a rainbow-drenched platform following the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to legalise same-sex marriages in all American states. The trend of putting rainbow colours, a symbol of LGBT rights, on Facebook profile picture was popular, but not everyone liked it. Facebook pro-gay marriage filter caused a fury across the Arab world.

In Egypt for instance, according to the Pew Research Center, homosexuality is not acceptable to 95% of population. LGBT-themes are not prohibited in the media, but most of the coverage have been negative and tend to be censored by the government for being ‘obscene’ or for ‘promoting’ homosexuality.

Richard Dawkins, the Liberator of Women? PDF Print

Published: 28 July 2015

Region: Worldwide

Richard_Dawkins‘Islam needs a feminist revolution. It will be hard. What can we do to help?’ This tweet by renowned atheist and writer Richard Dawkins caused quite some controversy on social media, sparking a debate between those who considered his remark a ‘genuine desire to help’ oppressed Muslim women and those who identified his statement as ‘patronizing white savior paternalist Islamophobia’.

Cameron - Combating Extremism or Attacking Freedom of Speech? PDF Print

Published: 23 July 2015

Country: UK

David_Cameron_2The British Prime Minister David Cameron presented his 5-year-plan for fighting ‘home-grown’ Islamic extremism through concrete measures, such as parents’ right to confiscate their children’s passports if they fear they will join extremist groups, the reallocation of government funds to ‘moderate’ Muslim organisations, and the strengthening of Ofcom to ‘tackle media that promote messages of hate’.

A number of right-wing media applauded Cameron’s ‘tough’ approach to extremism. Some mainstream newspapers such as the Independent praised his ‘smart and relatively small-scale interventions’.  The tabloid Daily Mail took a stand against critical voices, arguing that ‘[al]though a few libertarian voices have criticised the Prime Minister’s ‘authoritarian’ approach, the real authoritarianism will come if we allow extremists to flourish’.

Is Same-Sex Marriage Overrated? PDF Print

Published: 10 July 2015

Country/Region: US/Worldwide

By Adil Yilmaz

Same_Sex_Marriage_CelebrationThe U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling legalising same-sex marriage attracted much attention from international media. Major media outlets, such as The Guardian, CNN, Huffington Post, Washington Post, and the New York Times reported on the much anticipated ruling, calling the court’s decision in favour of same-sex marriage a ‘historic victory for gay rights’ and ‘the most important civil rights case in a generation’. However, some critical voices do not view marriage as a tool to achieve equality, stressing the conservative nature of marriage as an institution by emphasising the socio-economic dimension of the marital status. This poses the question whether same-sex marriage is, indeed, overrated and should not be presented as the final step towards equality.

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