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#WalkAway: How the US Media Ignores Conservative Minorities PDF Print

17 November 2018

Country: United States

By: Safiya Ahmed

WalkAway“Once upon a time I was a liberal,” Brandon Straka, a self-described gay conservative hairdresser says to the camera, in a slickly-produced YouTube video that now has over 700,000 views.

“The left has been allowed to reinforce the narrative that everybody on the right is a bigot, a racist, a homophobe, a misogynist,” he continues, describing his transition from a typical Manhattan liberal to the leader of a conservative political movement.

“I reject racism of all kinds. I reject tyrannical group think. I reject a system that allows a misinformed and dogmatic mob to oppress free speech, spread false narratives and apathetically steam roll over the truth,” he continues.

Can Brazilians Use Internet Humor and Memes to Fight Bolsonaro's Hate Speech? PDF Print

16 November 2018

Country: Brazil

By Andréa Doyle

GretchenAs Brazilians, we are dead serious about our memes. Last year we nearly broke the Internet with Cuca the crocodile witch, a cartoon villain from the nineties who re-emerged as a gay icon. Gretchen, a former exotic dancer, turned pop star, turned small town mayoral candidate is currently having the greatest breakthrough of her career as our beloved “Meme Queen.” Her image is used by fans across the country to express everything from anger and sass to love for friends and family.

Brazil routinely vanquishes other countries in the Internet’s Global Meme Wars and recently established a museum solely devoted to our superb Internet culture. For us, a good meme is more than just a laugh; it is a way for us to harness the power of humor to mock what should cause us frustration or pain, and live up to the motto that Brazilians, “laugh in order not to cry.”

Report: Serbian Media Regularly Violates Serbian Journalists' Code of Ethics PDF Print

Published: 15 November 2018

Country: Serbia

serbian_newspapersEvery tenth newspaper story about children violates the Serbian Journalists’ Code of Ethics, a recent report has found.

According to the Centre for Media Professionalism and Literacy (CEPROM), the Serbian media rarely reports on children, and almost always focuses on sensationalist stories of child and drug abuse, accidents and violence. This paints children in an unnecessarily negative light.

The Media Diversity Institute of the Western Balkans (MDI Western Balkans) reacted to the CEPROM study, warning Serbian journalists and editors not to breach the ethical standards of reporting.

“Reporting child abuse, accidents, violence and drug abuse is already a very complex and sensitive task,” said MDI Western Balkans Executive Director Ivana Jelaca.

Rod Liddle's Track Record of Hate PDF Print

8 November 2018

Countries: United Kingdom

By Eline Jeanne

rodliddleLast month, Sunday Times columnist Rod Liddle came under fire for an article titled, Chip in and we’ll help Choudary on his way to Paradise—a commentary on British radical Islamist preacher Anjem Choudary that reads more like an Islamophobic rant than a column in a reputable newspaper.

In the piece, Liddle chastises Choudary for alleged support for the so-called Islamic State, and urges British Islamists to “blow themselves up – somewhere a decent distance away from where the rest of us live. Tower Hamlets, for example.” Tower Hamlets is, of course, one of the United Kingdom’s most diverse boroughs, with an established Muslim and Bangladeshi community—which has borne the brunt of Islamophobic hate crimes in recent years.

Rod Liddle’s column is disturbing, but more disturbing is that the British media continues to give him a platform, despite his track record of expressing racist, misogynistic, and transphobic sentiments in the mass media. Equally disturbing is the Independent Press Standards Organization (IPSO)’s lackluster response, despite receiving numerous complaints—in some cases, bordering on public outrage—over the past ten years.





The Deadly Consequences of Hate Speech PDF Print

30 October 2018

Countries: US, Worldwide

By: Anna Lekas Miller

hatespeechMany in the Jewish community’s worst nightmare came to life on Saturday when an armed gunman stormed a synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, murdering eleven worshippers. It is the worst attack on the Jewish community in US history, and comes after a steady rise in anti-semitic incidents and rhetoric across the country and around the world.

It is not the only instance of hate speech seeping into the real world in the past few days. Earlier in the week, the US postal service intercepted several suspicious “pipe bomb” packages addressed to prominent Democratic party affiliates, including but not limited to Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and the CNN New York City offices. Later the bomber was identified as Cesar Sayoc, an ardent Trump supporter who routinely made threatening statements on social media.

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