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Keywords: UK, Western Europe, English, Diversity in general, media relations/advocacy, training/education materials, initiative/projects, employment, media ethics & diversity, media development. Community/minority media, social diversity models, online, visual, media

The Creative Collective is an innovative media, personal development and training consultancy.

Established in 2000, we develop bespoke projects and offer consultancy and training in communications, PR, marketing, contemporary diversity, community engagement and creative enterprise.

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Keywords: Western Europe, UK, English, socially disadvantaged people, ethnicity / race / national identity, legal resources, employment

Race for Opportunity (RFO) is committed to improving employment opportunities for ethnic minorities across the UK.  It is the only race diversity campaign that has access to and influence over the leaders of the UK’s best known organisations.

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Keywords: Western Europe, Netherlands, Dutch, Diversity in general, Reporting Diversity Network, Dutch national broadcasters, social diversity models

Mira Media's main goal is to achieve more diversity and 'ethnic' pluralism by supporting the participation of immigrants in radio, television and the interactive media. Mira Media ha s no broadcasting time but closely co-operates with Dutch national and local (public and commercial) broadcasters.

Foreigners in UK PDF Print


Keywords: Western Europe, UK, English, Foreigners UK, minority rights, minority issues

Foreigners in UK is focused on providing the latest news and practical information regarding migrants or potential migrants to the UK.

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Keywords: International, English, production, media diversity, development, media, communications

OneWorldTV is a unique public platform for filmmakers, video journalists, NGOs and just about anyone with an interest in video and a concern for a better world.

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Keywords: International, English, media diversity, conflict resolution, democracy, development, communications

IMS supports local media in countries affected by armed conflict, human insecurity and political transition. Today, IMS activities cover three thematic areas of engagement. In addition to media and conflict, IMS is engaged in media and democracy activities in countries in transition in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, and in media and dialogue activities mainly covering the Arab world and Iran.

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Keywords: International, Europe, Netherlands, Dutch, English, Spanish, Arabic, Media diversity, journalism, free press, program, exchange

Free Voice is the media organization in the Netherlands that strives for: Independent and multiform media, Balanced and reliable journalistic press freedom in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Eastern Europe

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Keywords: International, Europe, France, French, Discrimination, minorities, journalism, news, articles, information

The website “minorites.org” was created to assemble the articles, analyses and interviews related to the theme of minority. It’s aim is simply to assemble these documents to do with minorities, be they ethnic, religious, national or sexual, and to understand what is happening in other countries

Media Lens PDF Print


Keywords: Diversity in general, All regions, all resources, media ethic & diversity, freedom of expression & diversity, English, online media, media organisation.

Media Lens is a UK-based media-watch project, which offers authoritative criticism of mainstream media bias and censorship, as well as providing in-depth analysis, quotes, media contact details and other resources. Their aim is to raise public awareness of the underlying systemic failings of the corporate media to report the world around us honestly, fairly and accurately.

Minderhedenforum / Minorities forum PDF Print


Keywords: Western Europe, Belgium/Flanders, Dutch, media ethics and diversity, other web resources, online   

[DU] Om een representatief en evenwichtig beeld van de maatschappij te schetsen, is het belangrijk dat media in hun samenstelling representatief zijn voor de hele maatschappij.

[EN] TrefMedia stands for diversity in the media and is and initiative from the minorities-forum.

Agenda de la diversidad PDF Print


Keywords: International, Europe, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Catalan, Basque, Galician, Journalism, immigration, networking

This Spanish based website seeks to promote multiculturalism and a more humanistic approach to the Media and information.

Vrouw en Media / Woman & media PDF Print


Keywords: Western Europe, The Netherlands, Dutch, gender, media ethics and diversity, other web resources, online

[DU] Stichting Vrouw & Media wil de positie van vrouwen werkzaam in de media versterken, opdat de inhoud van de journalistiek verbetert.

[EN] The foundation Woman & Media wants to strengthen the position of women who are active in the media, so that the content of the media improves.

MUGAK: Centro de Estudios y Documentacion sobre racismo y xenophobia PDF Print


Keywords: Europe, Spain, Spanish,  Bask, Catalan, racism, immigration, youth information, human rights, media diversity, journalism, other web resources

A Spanish organization who’s website acts as an archive of information and documents (books, articles, videos, etc) available to all. Mugak organizes seminars, conferences, expositions etc.. and works with dynamic teams of youth who take part in activities to raise their awareness and understanding of cultural tolerance and diversity. They edit their own newspaper (per term) which is available to order for free.



Keywords: Western Europe, Italy, Italian, radio, press freedom, immigrants, asylum seekers’ rights, homosexuals’ rights

Popolare Network is a network of Italian radios who seek to make a kind of independent information. The network deals with several subjects such as press freedom, immigrants and asylum seekers’ rights, homosexuals’ rights. In the homepage you can find the contacts and the websites of all the radios who take part of this network.