Africa (Sub-Saharan)
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SAMGI promotes human rights by increasing the range of voices heard in Southern Africa through participatory education, advocacy, lobbying and media production to improve the status of women.

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Formed in March 2001, GL began its work with a strong focus on “promoting gender equality in and through the media.” This work has two facets: research, training and advocacy for achieving greater gender sensitivity and balance within the media and in its editorial content; as well as strategic communication skills for gender activists and women in decision-making to better access and influence media content.

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The project Radio for Peacebuilding, Africa (RFPA) aims to develop, spread and encourage the use of radio as a tool for building peace, and for the strategic communication of major policy initiatives, particularly those linked to the Millenium Development Goals.

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AMARC-Africa is the African regional section of AMARC grouping together radios from all the continent. Through service to members, networking and project implementation, the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters AMARC, brings together a network of more than 4,000 community radios, Federations and community media stakeholders in more than 115 countries.

Journaliste en Danger PDF Print

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An independent, non partisan organization for the defence of free press. JED seeks to monitor freedom of the press in 9 countries in Central Africa, lead protests or lobbying activities when freedom of press is curtailed, produce reports and a Magazine “Plume et Liberte