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Yerevan Press Club (Armenia) PDF Print

Keywords: Caucasus Region, Armenia, English, Russian, Diversity in general, Reporting Diversity Network, Armenian press association, media ethics & diversity, NGO

Yerevan Press Club is the first professional association of journalists in Armenia, established during the post-communist period.

Title Journalist trade union Azerbaijan PDF Print

Keywords: Caucasus Region, Azerbaijan, Azeri, English, International organizations, journalism,  labour rights, social rights, economic, rights, mass media, media regulations, freedom of press, freedom of expression

JuHi was organized by a group of the journalist in 1997 and passed the state registration the Ministry of Azerbaijan Justice on 28 March in 2000. At present JuHi uniting 125 journalists in its row is closely connected with several international organizations which taking active part as journalist organization all over the world.

Free Media Movement (FMM) PDF Print

Keywords: Sri Lanka, English, journalism, media freedom, human rights, democracy

The Free Media Movement evolved out of the Standing Committee of Journalists, which was formed in late 1991, as a collective enterprise of journalists and media personnel to critique and respond to moves by then government of the time to introduce a Media Commission to Sri Lanka.

CPA Media Monitoring PDF Print

Keywords: International, English, Tamil, Singhalese, Sri Lanka, war, media

CPA Media Monitoring was born in 2009 as a branch of the CPA (Centre for Policy Alternatives). It reports the facts about the from Sri Lanka war, in English, Sinhala, and Tamil.

Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA) PDF Print

Keywords: All regions, Media, civil society, independent information, international

The Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA) was formed in 1996 in the firm belief that the vital contribution of civil society to the public policy debate is in need of strengthening. CPA is committed to programs of research and advocacy through which public policy is critiqued, alternatives identified and disseminated. CPA is an independent, non-partisan organization which receives funds from international and bilateral funding agencies and foundations.