The Tide Has Turned for the RNLI—But Britain’s Xenophobic Media Remains the Same PDF Print

17 September 2019

Country: United Kingdom

by: Anna Lekas Miller

Screen_Shot_2019-09-17_at_4.09.24_PMEarlier this week, Britain’s anti-immigrant rightwing readership had a field day when the Sunday Times and Mail Online “revealed” that the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) spends £3.3 million pounds on overseas projects, while 95 British jobs are on the line.

“The fact that the RNLI are cutting staff in the UK but boosting spending on these international projects begs the question of what the priority of the organization is,” the paper quoted Tory MP Nigel Evans as saying.

“I would say that 99 percent of the British public giving money to them haven’t the faintest idea that its being diverted to projects overseas.”

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