What is the Role of Newsroom Diversity? PDF Print

15 February 2019

Countries: UK & US

By: Eline Jeanne

newsroomusaIt seems the media is finally waking up to the problem of homogeneous newsrooms. Many publications are pointing out the disparity between the racial composition of newsrooms compared to the cities that they cover. Some are trying to rectify the problem by opening up trainee schemes targeting young journalists from minority backgrounds.

There is a clear need for a range of different voices to cover the issues facing our world today. Increasing xenophobia—whether racism, antisemitism or Islamophobia—is shaping the political narrative in countries around the world, impacting everything from our experience of social media to the prevalence of physical hate crimes. Movements like #MeToo or the push for gender-neutral bathrooms show the importance of having female and gender non-conforming reporters shed light on the major stories of today.

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