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Street children cry out for help

street childer mini

The 12 April 2011 was the international day of the street child but, in much of South Sudan, soon to be the world’s newest state, it has passed without notice or acknowledgement, save for a local charity in Yei which organized an event to highlight the social and economic magnitude of the problem.

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Another perspective

granny photo

A granny's view on the new State of South Sudan

"We have known nothing but injustice since we were born"

Sudan People's Voice Articles
Why Yambio honey doesn’t sweeten the throats of local villagers PDF Print

BeeKeepingBy Gift Friday

They are expected to sweeten the lives of Yambio County residents through the production of honey but, they are a dejected lot and are contemplating abandoning the activity altogether. Welcome to the world of Yambio County beekeepers whose work is being affected by a shortage of hives and packaging materials.

Yei farmers face many challenges PDF Print

yeifarmersraiseconcernsBy Agele Benson Amos

It is a story of a farming community in dilemma. First, their markets were destroyed by the civil war forcing them to withdraw from cash crop production, such as growing coffee.  Now, having switched to food crops, farmers are producing bumper maize and other food crop harvests but, due to lack of storage facilities and poor roads their efforts seem fruitless.

Southerners’ wish list to SPLM PDF Print

by Agele Benson Amos

It is a Saturday morning and Mbaraza Emmanuel, a resident of Hai mission in Yei town Payam, Yei River County, looks despondent as he stands outside his makeshift hut and contends with the reality of facing yet another difficult day in his life.

Government on the spot as street children cry out for help PDF Print

childrencryBy Agele Benson

Day of the street child? The 12th April 2011 was the international day of the street child but, in much of South Sudan, soon to be the world’s newest state, it has passed without notice or official acknowledgement, save for a local charity in Yei which organized an event to highlight the social and economic magnitude of the problem.

Tears as Government bulldozers flatten houses PDF Print

housing_demolishBy Yuggu Charles

Rabuk Chaplan stood bewildered and confused as bulldozers mowed down a building that has been his home and clinic for many years. He tried pleading with government officials to spare his home but his pleas fell on deaf ears.

No respite for farmers as more cattle die in Lakes state PDF Print

kuokmalekBy Abraham Machuor Lum

Kuok Malek Kuok stared at his empty corral and shook his head in disgust. Two months ago he had 55 heads of cattle. Today, he has only five remaining after a deadly cattle disease, currently sweeping through parts of Southern Sudan, wiped out his stock. He is among farmers who have lost over 30,000 cows in Rumbek village, Lakes state. Over the last few months cattle farmers in Lakes state have tirelessly continued counting their losses to a mysterious disease suspected to be an Anthrax outbreak.

The Power of the Woman: A tale of one tough Sudanese woman chief PDF Print

paramountchiefBy Francis Lokole

It is 6.30 am and all is quiet in Torit County of Eastern Equatorial State, Southern Sudan. But, as villagers continue to enjoy the warmth of their beds, one homestead is already abuzz with activity. Unlike in other homes, small children are already awake, sipping tea as they tease each other. Next to them are three men conversing in their mother tongue as they wait to be assigned their work for the day. As we arrive at the vast homestead, a tall, lightly built woman emerges still dressed in her brown night gown and speaking softly to someone over her mobile phone.  “Yes. I am the Principal Chief here. Can I help you?” she says, her soft voice almost a betrayal to her authority.

Villagers want government to deal firmly with LRA PDF Print

lraBy Phillip Mbugo William

“Why should the international community and our government continue promising us that they will flush the LRA out of our soil?” These are the words on everybody’s lips in a tiny village in South Sudan’s Western Equatoria state.

Children continue dying due to lack of medical facilities in Yei PDF Print

By Poverty Alfred Taban

Alarmed by the high infant mortality rate, women in Yei River County are calling on the government to build more hospitals in the region. They are also asking that the government improves the facilities at the Yei Civic Hospital which is overwhelmed by the number of patients.

From Khartoum to Juba: Returnees speak of long journey home PDF Print

By Gift Friday

It was a journey to behold. The returnees held their breath as the lorries transporting them back home hurtled through the rugged terrain of the North.  They arrived in Juba, Southern Sudan, after nearly 30 days of traveling through the wild. But they were overjoyed at having returned back to their roots, despite the energy-sapping journey that started in Kassala, on the Eastern edge of North Sudan. They were returning to Juba to vote in the referendum in which the people of Southern Sudan voted overwhelmingly for the birth of a new nation, autonomous from the North.

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