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Fitri Anugrah

holyterrrorpic3Published: 15 November 2011

Region: USA & Worldwide

By Fitri Adi Anugrah and Pedja Urosevic

“It’s tiresomely obvious, but not made clear at all in this work that Al Qaeda is a terrorist group, and the fact that although members of that terrorist group are almost always Muslims, does not make all Muslims part of it. Frank Miller has fallen into the trap of smearing the whole Muslim community in his enthusiasm to point the finger at terrorists.”

The comic book is a powerful medium that can educate, entertain or inspire or, with equal force, it can enrage and irritate.

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Fitri Anugrah

socialmediaiconPublished: 4 October 2011

Country: Indonesia

By Fitri Adi Anugrah

Social media provide easily accessible tools for people to spread information to a wider audience, but they can do damage when their messages are hateful. That's why it is important for the Indonesian public to confront the problem of hate speech in the social media in Indonesia.

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