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Aidan White

PolitkovskayaPublished: 7 October 2010

Country: Russia

By Aidan White

The killing five years ago of Russian investigative reporter and human rights defender Anna Politkovskaya was marked this week by the launch of a report on the protection of journalists by the Council of Europe.

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Fitri Anugrah

socialmediaiconPublished: 4 October 2011

Country: Indonesia

By Fitri Adi Anugrah

Social media provide easily accessible tools for people to spread information to a wider audience, but they can do damage when their messages are hateful. That's why it is important for the Indonesian public to confront the problem of hate speech in the social media in Indonesia.

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Aidan White

utoya1Aidan White travelled to Oslo in September and met with key figures dealing with the mass killings that shocked the world

The Norwegian island of Utøya where scores of young people taking part in a political summer camp were killed by a crazed gunman in July will once again be in the headlines on October 1. Families of those killed, as well as political and community leaders will return to this beauty spot on the outskirts of Oslo to hold a special event to remember the victims.

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Aidan White

NYlights911For the Media Diversity Institute by Aidan White

Published: 16 September 2011

The report released this week by the United Nations Alliance of Civilisations on media coverage of the so-called Ground Zero Mosque provides much evidence that the mix of bias and incompetence over this story went far beyond the newsrooms of the United States to which I referred  last week.

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Aidan White

newsroompicFor the Media Diversity Institute by Aidan White

Published: 13 September 2011

Nervousness in newsrooms about the potential for media-savvy extremists to get their messages into online editions has increased in Sweden where the number of xenophobic web sites has almost doubled in two years to almost 15,000.

Several major Swedish newspapers have now taken steps to introduce restrictions on their discussion forums in an attempt to limit racism, sexism and personal attacks.

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Aidan White

911colourbook1Aiden White for the Media Diversity Institute

Ten years after the terrorist attacks the United States of America is still hurting, but the some of the worst pain is being felt by American Muslims.

They have had to answer again and again for the decisions of a cabal of terrorists whose twisted notions of Islam they find abhorrent but whose violence has left a legacy of prejudice.

Each year there are hundreds of complaints from Muslims who are victims of discrimination and acts of violence motivated by anti-Islamic bias across the United States. A recent survey reveals that more than half of Muslim Americans say government anti-terrorism policies single them out for increased surveillance and monitoring, and many report increased harassment at the hands of the police or airport security staff and others.

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Pedja Urosevic

Published: 19 August 2011

Pedja Urosevic for the Media Diversity Institute

If Fiona Armstrong or anyone else at the BBC had given it a second thought they would never have put the following question to veteran rights campaigner and author Darcus Howe:  “Mr. Howe. If I can just ask you, you are not a stranger to riots yourself, I understand, are you? You have taken part in them yourself?”

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Aidan White

davidstarkeyAiden White for the Media Diversity Institute

Perhaps the most unhelpful contribution to understanding the riots in Britain came last week from historian David Starkey on BBC’s Newsnight who recalled Enoch Powell’s notorious “rivers of blood” speech in 1968 warning that mass immigration would lead to violence of the streets.

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Gary Herman

nowthankyouandbyeAt first sight, the phone hacking scandal that led to the demise of the world's best-selling English language newspaper, the News of the World, does not seem to be an issue of diversity. After all, Rupert Murdoch's media empire is driven less by ideology than by commerce, and the logic of the closure is simple - the News of the World had become a toxic brand whose poison may have spread to other parts of the empire unless it was amputated like a gangrenous limb.

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Gary Herman

Published: 1 July 2011

Region: EU

A few weeks ago, the European Policy Centre in Brussels held one of its regular ‘Policy Dialogue’ meetings where experts in fields that interest the EPC gather together to discuss a current thorny topic. This time the topic was ‘Public perceptions about minorities and immigrants: the role of the media’, and the experts included presenters Oliver Money-Kyrle, Assistant General Secretary of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), Raymond Dassi, a journalist and member of the Italian Intercultural Journalists Association (ANSI), and Alexandra Moe, the Director of New America Media (NAM). An interesting group of people, I thought, and wondered what could have brought them together.

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