Algerian Stories through Women’s Eyes

Date: 22-28 September 2013

Country: Algiers, Algeria

algeria workshop sept 2013What a blind, young singer from the Western part of Algeria has in common with 64-years old woman from the capital Algiers who never got married? Or with the sport woman who wears burka and have problems finding a job? What is common for a woman living in polygamy with piano student or with a Syrian immigrant married to Algerian?

All of them are women whose stories were produced at the workshop organised by the Media Diversity Institute (MDI) and its local partner Association des Femmes en Communication (ANFEC). The workshop named “Algerian Stories through Women’s Eyes”took place on 22-28 September in Algerian capital city, Algiers.

Sixteen female journalists and journalism graduates from different regions and parts of Algeria participated in the workshop and produced stories about Algerian women of different cultural, regional and occupational background.

MDI has organised the training for young female journalists in Algeria trying to promote better understanding of inclusive journalism and the general need for more diverse reporting.

algeria workshop 2 sept 2013Therefore the participants have been trained in diversity and gender reporting, but they also received practical training in radio and live broadcasting, as well as the basics in digital media.

“We didn’t have much practical exercise at the University and that is why we are grateful for all the things we have learnt such as recording and editing the material, writing a cue and deciding on the topic and the angle of the story”, said one of the participants at the MDI workshop.

The others emphasised how important was to do the training and exercises on  deconstructing all the stereotypes and how valuable was discussing the ways of giving more media space to the marginalized groups.

Trainers were Dasha Ilic, journalist and MDI communication manager, Safi Naciri, MDI consultant and trainer, and Fatima Sabri, AFNEC member and Algerian journalist.

The workshop in Algiers is part of the MDI’s project “Inclusive Media for an Inclusive Society: Building the presence of youth and marginalised voices in Algeria” supported by the UK FCO’s Arab Partnership Fund.