Div-A-Diversity Accelerator for Media Inclusiveness

Published: 31 August

Region: Europe


The Council of Europe has launched a pilot mentoring programme called Div-A-Diversity Accelerator. This programme aims at testing a new approach to rendering the media landscape in Europe more inclusive with regard to population diversity and more balanced in relation to diversity issues.

The Council of Europe is creating an international group of alternative multimedia journalists who have established their own business models using transmedia/multimedia/crossmedia journalism and crowdfunding/sponsoring in order to monitor ten individuals or groups of young media professionals who are already committed to diversity inclusiveness to use the tools new media offers and launch their own start-ups.

Selected projects will be offered contracts up to 3000€ for completing the mentoring programme and fulfilling its specific obligations. These projects will be mentored for six months, starting in Lisbon 10-11 November 2016 and ending at the Perugia International Journalism Festival in April 2017.

To ensure a multiplying effect, the project will also involve journalism schools, journalist unions and media organisations. To facilitate the creation of business links between journalists committed to diversity inclusiveness and potential business partners, the programme will invite potential sponsors, crowdfunding companies’ representatives, multimedia-tool-creators, TV channels using multimedia tools and web documentaries on their online surfaces and politicians or lobby groups committed to supporting the inclusive approach in media by law-making.

For detailed information, visit http://www.coe.int/en/web/diversity-accelerator