Elections in Morocco: How to have more Women in the Media?

Dates: 31 July – 2 August 2015

Country: Morocco

Morocco_Workshop_August_2015Fatima is a university professor in Morocco who is also a political party candidate in the upcoming local elections in Morocco. Her campaign focuses on women voting in big cities, but also on those living in rural areas. “But how do you talk to women who don’t speak Arabic, but only Amazigh (the language of Berber minority in Morocco)? How do you address the issues important to them and how do you shape your media campaign in order to include minorities too?” – asked Fatima’s colleague at the workshop organized for women candidates taking part in the elections in September.

Discussions on topics of media relations, campaigning on women’s issues and inclusion were just some of the highlights of a workshop held in Agadir on 31 July – 2 August, organized by the Media Diversity Institute (MDI) and in partnership with Association Epanouissement  Feminin (AEF).

“Context is what is more important than someone’s reputation. If you are campaigning in the region where the majority of population are Amazigh, pay attention on what is characteristic for women living in that area, reach out for them, talk about them when you appear in the media,” said MDI trainer, professor Safi Naciri to participants.

One of the sessions at the workshop was a practical exercise on how to get prepared for an interview with journalists who sometimes might have tough and unpleasant questions. It turned out that Fatima was so well prepared for the exercise that at the end of the workshop she was invited to appear on a radio show together with the mayor of Agadir.

The workshop held in this Moroccan city was held as part of the project “My Vote Matters Too” supported by the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office.