Event: Conspiracies of Hate: Antisemitism in Online Anti-Vax Discourse

What is the connection between anti-vax conspiracies and antisemitism and what is the role of social media?

About this event

Antisemitic conspiracy ideologies are flaring up all over Europe, finding fertile ground in online discussions and street demonstrations against vaccination and the COVID-19 health pass. “Conspiracies of Hate: Antisemitism in Online Anti-Vax Discourse” will explore the worrying presence of antisemitism in anti-vaccine narratives in the main social media platforms: from veiled or overt accusations that the pandemic is being orchestrated by Jewish people to comparisons of the vaccination policies to the persecution of Jews during World War II. While the reasons for refusing the vaccine and for opposing the health pass are varied and cannot be labelled only as conspiracy narratives, online antisemitic incidents by anti-vaccination activists have been increasingly worrying Jewish groups, anti-racism campaigners and the authorities in Europe.

Join the University of Birmingham’s Graduate Centre for Europe and Media Diversity Institute for a free webinar!

Date: 30 November 2021

Time: 5-6:30 pm GMT

Location: Zoom: Register by following this link


  • Simone Rafael – Head of the Digital Department of Amadeu Antonio Foundation and Chief Editor Belltower.news
  • Anikó Félix – Case Manager for Combatting Antisemitism at the World Jewish Congress, and Scientific Secretary and Researcher at the Goldziher Research Institute
  • Tamás Berecz – Operational Manager, International Network Against Cyber Hate (INACH)
  • Giulia Dessì – Project Manager, Media Diversity Institute


Marianna Karakoulaki – Communication Manager, Media Diversity Institute, Journalist, and PhD Researcher in Political Science and International Studies, University of Birmingham