Finalisation of a Project “Let the Roma Youth Be Heard”

Published: 5 July 2013

Region: Europe

ostrava romani 1Let the Roma Youth Be Heard”, a project run by the Media Diversity Institute (MDI) through 2012 and first half of 2013, has come to an end.

In the final stage of the project and in the partnership with Open Society Foundation (OSF), several articles and videos have been produced. They focused on the Roma communities living in Kosovo, Croatia and Czech Republic.

During the whole project, MDI provided a series of media training courses on storytelling, social media networking, shooting, editing and uploading for the young Roma, Gypsies and Travellers residing in the UK.

Young Roma people were trained in basic journalism skills. They were taught how to write editorials and how to set up and manage the communication tools available on the internet.

The articles were written by Jake Bowers, well-known Romanichel journalist who has worked for the most prominent UK media. On the project “Let the Roma Youth be Heard”, Bowers has participated as a trainer and the author of several articles and films.

He has made two-part film “Another Crack in the Wall” filming on different locations in Croatia.

Jake Bowers has also produced the articles that can be downloaded here:

A New School for a New Start in Karlovy Vary

Preventing Romani Segregation in Ostrava, Czech Republic

Getting in Early: Investing in Romani Childhoods in Kosovo

As a result of a training provided by MDI, 18 young Roma participants produced around 100 articles published on Romagazine and several videos available on YouTube channel, as well as one short film which portray the differences between poor and wealthy seen in London at the Christmas times.

MDI’s Executive Director Milica Pesic said that she is delighted to see the progress young MDI trainees have made. “Our participants – young Roma people – have made their first journalistic steps in the MDI workshops. Today they are equipped with all the skills so they produced amazing pieces on Roma communities and their culture”, said Pesic marking the end of “Let the Roma Youth Be Heard” project.

* Photo Courtesy of Simon Hipkins