Innovative Ideas for #SilenceHate against Migrants

Dates: 23 – 27 April 2018

Country: UK, London

Media_Camp_1How can journalists in Europe improve their reporting on migrants and migration related issues? Is it through use of technology? Is it by giving migrants more space to tell their stories? Almost 30 journalists and civil society activists offered some innovative ideas on how to report and campaign against hate speech directed towards refugees, asylum seekers and migrants coming to Europe. They spent five days in London gathered at the Media Camp organised by the Media Diversity Institute (MDI) as part of the #SilenceHate project.

Amongst the ideas developed and presented at the Media Camp were podcasts, interactive maps, short documentaries and web series about migrants and their journeys, as well as on their integration process in the society of different European countries. Some participants teamed up in order to produce photo journals, memes and campaigns countering anti-migration sentiments and hate speech in the media and public space. They worked in teams, as well as individually. They designed 18 media products and campaigns about migration issues responding to the ethical challenges associated with reporting on migrants.

Media_Camp_Top_Module_BetterThe Media camp will be followed by mentoring and grants to support content production. At least 10 media products/campaigns about migration issues will be produced following the Camp.

Google News Initiative Teaching Fellow Vincent Ryan introduced a range of digital tools for journalists and activists attending the Media Camp. Head of Editorial at On Our Radar Paul Myles talked about a different approach in his team’s work with marginalised communities.

One of the guest speakers at the Media Camp was the Ethical Journalism Network (EJN) Director of Communications and Campaigns Tom Law who introduced 5-step guide against hate speech developed by EJN. During the Diversity Panel, three migrants came and talked to the participants directly telling their stories and struggles to integrate into the British society.

Media_Camp_2One of the aims of the Media Camp is to strengthen collaboration and networking between different sectors – journalism, blogosphere, civic activism – in order to overturn the negative image of migration in Europe. Many recent studies show that manifestations of hate speech against migrants are increasing in Europe.

The Media Camp was facilitated by an experienced cinematographer, cameraman and editor David Hands, the General Secretary of the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) Ricardo Gutierrez and a freelance journalist and MDI Communications Manager Danica Dasha Ilic.

#SilenceHate is a project led by the Italian organisation COSPE with participation of prominent European organisations such as MDI, Amnesty Italy and Poland, EFJ, Karpos, Zaffiria and the Cyprus Community Media Centre. The aim of the project is to combat and prevent online hate speech against migrants by developing new and creative counter-narratives.