MDI-Supported TV Show Investigates Frozen Egyptian Funds Abroad

Published: 12 June 2013

Country: Egypt

Awel el Khait 2The struggle of Egypt to recover frozen funds from abroad was the topic of the fourth episode of Egyptian “Awel el-Khayt” (“The beginning of a String”), a ground-breaking TV programme supported Media Diversity Institute.

Last Friday “Awel el-Khayt” revealed the unsuccessful legal procedures followed by Egypt to repatriate the money, which amounts to £592 million. Owned by those close to former president Hosni Mubarak, these assets have been frozen after the Egyptian Arab Spring and the resignation of the president.A 35-minute minute documentary was followed by a studio discussion. Presenter Lina Ghadban, a former reporter for Al-Jazeera in Egypt, interviewed Hany Sari Eddin, chairman of the Capital Market Authority, Jamal Gabriel, member of the legal advisory to the President of the Republic, and Abdel-Khalek Farouk, economist and former director of the Economic Studies Nile and strategic Centre.

“Awel el-Khayt” is one of Egypt’s first long-form investigative series. Its mixed format investigation and talk show tries to get to the bottom of Egypt’s most deep seated political, economic and social realities in an environment that remains hostile to the free circulation of information.

MDI has contributed to the TV programme by providing training and technical support as part of the project “Rebuilding Post-revolution Egyptian Media: embracing free expression, diversity, and inclusiveness,” funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA).

The programme, produced by Ali Beliel Media Production and Consulting, sheds a light on the negligence and corruption that affects Egyptian citizens’ daily life. It also addresses the problems of the marginalised groups and minorities in Egyptian society.

“Awel el Khait” is broadcast on channel ONTV every first Saturday of each month at 7pm.