MDI Teaches Inclusive Journalism to American Students on a London Park

Dates: 4 May – 30 June

Country: USA and UK

indiana university in LondonMDI provided the Inclusive Journalism module to a class of American Students attending a study abroad programme in London.

Each year, from the beginning of May to the end of June, students from the School of Journalism at Indiana University come to London to combine classroom learning with an internship at a London media organization and cultural enrichment activities.

The Media Diversity Institute contributed to the course programme with its expertise and knowledge on responsible journalism. The module set by MDI focused on the differences between the European and American social, legal, political, and cultural framework of ethical issues.On a pleasant, interactive class in a park in central London, American students learned how to identify hate speech and derogatory language in the media, and their dangerous effects on society.

MDI executive director presented the findings of the Ethical Journalism Initiative, a study conducted by the International Federation of Journalists in cooperation with the MDI and Article 19 to improve media coverage of ethnicity, race and religion and other forms of diversity throughout the EU. She also introduced the MA Diversity and the Media, the highly innovative course on the role of mass media in social construction, developed by MDI and Westminster University.

The summer journalism course for students at Indiana University is organised by John Owen, journalist, producer, and professor of international journalism at City University.