Past Projects

Media Diversity Institute works on projects that promote media and information literacy, better representation of minority groups in the media and combat disinformation around the world.

South Caucasus: Training the Media & Empowering Minorities

A large-scale, three-year media diversity project targeting journalists, media decision-makers, journalism academics, and minorities NGOs. Project activities ranged from producing manuals and conducting training workshops, to internships and TV and radio productions. The project aimed to use the power of the media to create deeper public understanding of ethnic and other minority groups and their human rights in the countries of the South Caucasus. The project was designed to promote a constructive role for the media in helping societies reduce...

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Intercultural Cities Programme

MDI provides consultancy/expertise on media and diversity issues for participants of the Council of Europe’s Intercultural Cities Programme, which includes 12 cities from all around Europe. MDI’s role includes the provision of training for journalists who want to enhance their professional standards in reporting on diversity, and training for Civil Society Organisations in media communication/advocacy. Region/country: Europe Timeframe/dates: 2007 - 2012 Funder: Council of Europe Partners: Council of Europe

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International Religious Freedom: A Cornerstone of Democracy

The purpose of this project is to promote international religious freedom norms through improving social and cultural understanding in specific professional groups (legal, media, and human rights professionals, and religious and secular leaders) and to develop legal protection in accordance with religious freedom norms. MDI is responsible for implementing the project in partnership with two US organizations, Freedom House and the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty. The project’s goals will be addressed through three sets of activities: (1) education and...

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Reporting Diversity: Nigeria

A short term project designed to bring together journalists from different ethnic groups, to train them in coverage of diversity-related issues. Project activities focused around the production of a reporting diversity manual for African journalists and a national retreat for print editors and broadcast managers. The objective of the course was to enable journalists coming from different ethnic backgrounds to understand that there is always a common ground, a basic human interest which put people together regardless of their nationality,...

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