Past Projects

Media Diversity Institute works on projects that promote media and information literacy, better representation of minority groups in the media and combat disinformation around the world.

Macedonia: Reporting Diversity

Conducted during the tense spring and summer of 2001, this project aimed to bring together journalists from different ethnic groups, and to train them in coverage of diversity-related issues. The cross-ethnic team worked together on a series of articles. The trainer and the journalists would use as their core training material an MDI reporting diversity manual in both Albanian and Macedonian languages. (MDI already had a Macedonian version - an Albanian translation was produced under this grant). The objective of...

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Southeast Europe: Reporting Diversity Training and Development for News Agencies

An educational course designed to assist news agencies - as influential media players distributing material to many outlets - to gain a better understanding of, and sensitivity towards, diversity-related issues. The objective of this modest educational project was to work with the news agencies which, since they have more consumers then a single news medium, have more influence and reach. Several news agencies sent their journalists to this 4-day course: Stina (Croatia), Safax and BH Press (Bosnia), Beta, Fonet and...

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Seeing the Roma Without Prejudice

Increasing the capabilities of minority Roma communities to interact effectively with majority media in order to introduce their perspectives and proposals into mainstream reporting and help counter discriminatory reporting on their communities. The project aimed to improve the coverage of the Roma population - which was plagued by prejudice - by the mainstream media. Tendencies towards segregation of Roma are strong, and prejudice deep-rooted. Most Roma have little or no influence over information that has great potential impact on them....

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Bosnia and Herzegovina: Reporting Diversity

Supporting the media in Bosnia and Herzegovina to facilitate post-war trauma recovery, as well as promoting reconstruction and the reconciliation across the ethnically divided country. Through cross-ethnic and cross-entity initiatives, MDI built constructive and influential relationships between journalists and news organisations. A “Reporting Diversity Resource Manual” was designed specifically for journalists from Bosnia Herzegoniva. A reporting diversity course was introduced into the journalism school jointly run by the Media Centar and the BBC; the “Reporter Weekly” newspaper (in Republika Sprska)...

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